TECHRISE Curriculum

At TECHRISE, we have built and designed an effective curriculum by implementing the student's voices. Whenever a student has a question, we improve our curriculum to make sure that other students won't stumble upon the same problem.

In a short period of time, you will go from Zero to Web Developer with the TECHRISE Curriculum.

Track 1: Intro to Software Engineering

Introduction to TECHRISE

You will have a brief introduction about what TECHRISE is and how we create superstar coders.


Build 4 projects including a personal portfolio page that you can use to boost your professional career. Learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

Introduction to Bootstrap

Learn how to use the popular front-end framework used by many companies and start ups.

Ruby Fundamentals

Dive into the fundamentals of the Ruby language. Learning Ruby is fundamental in developing applications with Ruby on Rails.

Track 2: Ruby on Rails Application

Ideator - An Idea Sharing App

You'll build an Idea Sharing app using the Ruby on Rails framework, HTML, and CSS. You'll learn the basics of MVC framework, how to use Git for version control, and you'll launch your application live with professional tools.

MVC and Rails

Learn about what the MVC framework, HTTP Methods, common methods in Ruby on Rails, and how database migrations work in Ruby on Rails.

Track 3: User Features and AJAX

Ruby Core Training

Dive deeper into the world of Ruby. You will go through a series of training problems and coding challenges to become more familiar with the Ruby language and improve your Ruby skills.

Instapost - an Instagram Clone

Build your second application - an Instagram clone. While building this application, you'll learn how to build more complex applications with features such as user authentication, commenting, and the ability for users to like posts. You will touch a little bit about what AJAX is and how you can implement it in Rails applications.

Track 4: Javascript and Advanced Rails


Learn the basics of JavaScript and jQuery to start building more interactive web applications.


Build an online movie review web application with a fluid user interface with Javascript and AJAX while implementing software engineering best practices.

Track 5: Test Driven Development

RSpec and Testing

Learn the basics of testing your applications with the RSpec framework. As a professional developer, it is crucial that you know how to test your applications. You will build a simple blog application with the Test Driven Development (TDD) philosophy.

Track 6: Data Structure and Algorithm

Implementing Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms which plays a vital role in an engineer's interview process.

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