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Experience the New Way of Learning

Learn By Building

  • Build Your Portfolio
  • Develop several fully functional web applications and build your portfolio.

  • Learn Practical Skills
  • Learn Ruby on Rails, one of the most in-demand skills in the world

  • Become a Problem Solver
  • Develop problem solving skills to become an in-demand software engineer.


I love the way TECHRISE teaches me. It's self-learning but you will always have your mentor helping you on your every step. It's a new and effective way of learning.

Rabin Gaire

Onsite Program

  • Real-time Troubleshooting
  • Get your questions answered immediately online anytime, anywhere, by our team of mentors.

  • Regular Code Reviews
  • Get all of your apps and code submissions reviewed. Receive constant feedback to improve your coding quality.


Mentors are a very strong part of TECHRISE. Whenever I get stuck, my mentor is always there to help me.

Shreejana Poudel

Get Recruited as a Fellow

  • Fellowship Program
  • After completing all the courses, get recruited to the exclusive 3 month Fellowship program (free).

  • Real-world experience
  • You will be placed in a team to work on real-world projects with senior developers.

  • Problem-solving skills
  • The Fellowship program will help further your practical skills and build confidence to become an invaluable developer.


I found my passionate family here. When I get stuck, my mentors are always there to help me. The group discussion on Slack is awesome. I really feel great to be here at TECHRISE, it changed my life.

Aashik Yadav

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What Experts Are Saying


Liz Anderson
Director of Engagement, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

"TECHRISE is more than a coding camp - it's a vehicle for empowering the youth of Nepal with the knowledge and tools they need to unlock their true economic and personal potential. Because the TECHRISE model provides former students to also become teachers, the organization is creating a network effect for sustainable and long-term transformative change. One student at a time, TECHRISE is not only changing lives at an individual level, but is also building a highly skilled workforce that has the potential to grow Nepal's economic stability as a whole."


Ganesh Man Lama
President, Air Asia X Nepal | Managing Director, Incentive Group of Companies

"TECHRISE will definitely help to develop skilled manpower and provide great employment opportunity. Since the education system of Nepal is based on heavily on theory, even after graduation in related majors, people are not able to find a job in international labour markets. Currently more than 6,000,000 Nepalese unskilled workers are working abroad as a labourer. If we could train them to be skilled manpower, it will definitely help Nepal's national economy."

Learn Practical, In-demand Skills

At TECHRISE, you will learn a set of marketable skills that will enable you to write robust web applications. We have designed the curriculum so that you will gain the experience of not only writing good code, but writing good code together with other people.

  • Learn HTML/CSS and Bootstrap to create attractive web interfaces
  • Master the Ruby Language
  • Develop multiple real-world web applications with Ruby on Rails
  • Learn advanced skills such as Test Driven Development to ensure code quality
  • Solve challenging real coding interview problems and build up your problem solving skills
  • Learn and apply Object Oriented Programming, MVC, and Test Driven Development
  • Learn how to use Github to collaborate with other developers
  • Meet like-minded Individuals who are passionate about coding

Advisory Board

Techrise Nepal Maxim Wheatley

Maxim Wheately

Founder & Chief Product Offer at Phoresis Medical | Co-Founder at LifeFuels | Entrepreneur in Residence at Georgetown University

Maxim is an award-winning product leader and innovator, with proven success operating at the intersection of business development, innovation, and product strategy.

Maxim co-founded LifeFuels, and was the founding Chief Product Officer where he won multiple industry awards, including the coveted CES Innovation Award. He is a prolific inventor with over 20 patents, both issued and pending. He also serves as the youngest Entrepreneur in Residence at Georgetown University’s business school.

Maxim has worked in venture capital at Fortify Ventures, an investment firm and accelerator, he was also an Associate Producer & Business Development Director for Startupland (screened in 60+ countries, in partnership with the World Bank, United Nations Foundation, Startup Weekend, and UP Global)

He is the author of “Design Thinking: Taking a Product to Market” and speaks regularly on product development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Maxim graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Cognitive Science & Psychology, where he also conducted research in NIH-backed neuroscience labs focused on Alzheimer’s and Autism.

What are our students saying about TECHRISE?


Rabin Gaire

"After I joined TECHRISE I am learning about new things everyday. It's a new experience integrating new technologies. I am really happy that I am with safe hands. Thank you TECHRISE for fulfilling my dream to be a good programmer."


Swojeet Kayastha

"After I joined TECHRISE, everything took a turn. Mentors are now here to help me clear any obstacles I encounter. The TECHRISE curriculum also includes building real world apps like Instagram which fired up my eagerness to learn more."

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Shreejana Poudel

"TECHRISE has provided me with best of opportunities to enhance my potentials and build up my self-esteem. It is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to be different from the crowd. Whenever I get stuck, my mentor is always there to help me."


Aashik Yadav, Student at Swastik College

"The way TECHRISE teaches is different, it's self-learning and much more goal oriented. I found my passionate family here. When I get stuck, my mentors are always there to help me. I really feel great to be here at TECHRISE, it changed my life."


Rina Baral, Student at Swastik College

"No one will regret by joining TECHRISE. It feels confusing and frustrating when stuck that I want to stop coding - but no need to worry, we have mentors that guide us and helps us solve our problem. We receive almost instant replies to all of our questions whenever needed.""

Read about Rina's first month at TECHRISE


Aadesh Shrestha
Now Software Engineer at TECHRISE

"TECHRISE has been by far the best learning experience for me. My mentor, Takehiro is very passionate when it comes to teaching, always willing to explain the concepts behind what we were doing. These 3 months have been challenging but worth it."



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